Prowly Review 2024: Details, Pricing & Features

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Exploring Prowly, we delve into its features designed to streamline PR activities, offering a glimpse into its utility for professionals.


Reviewed by Chloe Bidle

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  1. What’s Prowly? Software Overview
  2. Key Features
    1. Media Database
    2. Distribution
    3. PR CRM
    4. Email Pitches
  3. User Interface and Usability
  4. Pros and Cons
    1. Advantages
    2. Disadvantages
  5. Plans and Pricing
  6. Customer Support Experience
  7. Security Features
  8. Prowly Review: The Bottom Line
    1. Feature Overview:
  9. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What new features does Prowly offer in its 2024 update?
    2. How does Prowly's pricing structure compare to its competitors?
    3. What are some notable alternatives to Prowly for PR management?
    4. What are the pros and cons of using Prowly versus Meltwater for media outreach?
    5. How does Prowly differentiate itself from Cision in terms of service delivery?
    6. Can you describe the user experience with Prowly's platform for media communications?

Navigating the vast landscape of SaaS platforms designed for PR professionals can be quite the endeavor, especially when the goal is to elevate your media relations and storytelling impact. Prowly emerges as a noteworthy option, bringing to the table an array of features tailored towards enhancing your brand positioning through effective workflow automation solutions. With the ability to shape narratives and manage media databases efficiently, you can centralize your PR activities in a seamless manner.

In 2024, Prowly continues to offer various pricing editions to accommodate the diverse needs and budgets of PR agencies and departments. Understanding your financial constraints and feature requirements is crucial as you weigh your options among the platform's packages. From cost-effectiveness to expansive functionality, you can access a range of tools that are designed to streamline your daily tasks, making your PR efforts more strategic and less time-consuming.

Your experience with Prowly could be augmented by its user-friendly interface, allowing for swift adaptation and immediate utilization of its services. From creating an online newsroom to leveraging a comprehensive media database, the platform aims to fortify your media outreach. Customer service and ease of use remain pivotal in user reviews, influencing how readily your team can integrate Prowly into your workflow and making the journey towards more dynamic public relations a smooth one.

What’s Prowly? Software Overview

Prowly is a comprehensive workflow automation tool designed for public relations (PR) professionals. As a vendor of PR solutions, Prowly provides an all-in-one platform that combines a variety of features to enhance media relations for companies of all sizes.

  • PR CRM: Central to Prowly’s suite is its PR Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, allowing you to manage your contacts, including journalists, with ease. You can track interactions, organize information, and maintain relationships through a well-organized database.

  • Media Database: Your media outreach is supported by a vast media database that Prowly maintains, connecting you with relevant journalists and media outlets. This allows for targeted press release distribution and stronger networking capabilities.

  • Press Releases & Newsrooms: With Prowly, you can create visually appealing press releases and host them in customizable digital newsrooms. These online spaces are geared towards engaging journalists and stakeholders by showcasing your brand’s press materials in a clear and accessible manner.

The pricing for Prowly's service is not explicitly detailed here, but the platform seems to be positioned as a cost-effective solution with some expectations of added value services. Businesses can expect a range of features with the intent to save time on routine PR tasks by automating and streamlining work processes.

Remember, as with any software solution, the best way to evaluate if Prowly meets your specific needs is to consider these features in the context of your own PR strategy and workflow requirements.

Key Features

Prowly stands out in 2024 for its dynamic array of PR tools designed to streamline your public relations efforts. Its comprehensive features are tailored for media outreach, relationship management, and campaign efficacy.

Media Database

Your access to Prowly's Media Database provides a vast repository of journalist contacts. This database is crucial for identifying and connecting with relevant media professionals. It includes:

  • Workflow automation: Automate the process of finding and sorting press contacts.
  • Targeted campaigns: Send personalized pitches to curated lists of journalists.


Distribution tools in Prowly enable you to circulate your press releases effectively. Leverage these features to amplify your media presence:

  • Visual press releases: Craft visually appealing press releases that resonate with your audience.
  • Journalist-friendly newsrooms: Your press releases reach journalists through easy-to-navigate, customized newsrooms.


The PR CRM is designed to manage your relationships with media contacts efficiently. It helps you keep track of interactions and plan follow-ups:

  • Routine tasks: Simplifies managing daily tasks and follow-up reminders.
  • Email Pitches: Tailor your communication with journalists to increase engagement rates.

Email Pitches

Your Email Pitches benefit from Prowly’s user-friendly interface, which allows you to create, send, and track personalized emails:

  • Engagement tracking: Monitor how journalists are interacting with your emails.
  • Follow-up automation: Set automated reminders for following up on your pitches.

User Interface and Usability

In 2024, Prowly continues to be recognized for its user-friendly interface, which you might find contributes substantially to its usability. The platform is designed with a clear and intuitive layout, making navigation straightforward for you. Frequently used features are easily accessible, reducing the time you spend looking for the tools you need.

Your experience with Prowly's interface could be enhanced by the following attributes:

  • Simplicity: The dashboard is clean, with a minimalistic design that emphasizes function over form.
  • Intuitiveness: Features are logically organized, ensuring you can quickly understand how to execute your tasks.
  • Accessibility: Social media links, author contact details, and other resources are directly accessible, streamlining your workflow.

Prowly’s support system is reportedly robust, playing a crucial role in the platform's usability. You can expect:

  • Prompt customer service.
  • A wealth of online resources to help you resolve issues or learn new features.

To demonstrate the efficiency of Prowly’s user interface and support, consider the following points:

  • Learning Curve: Minimal; you can familiarize yourself with the basic functions quickly.
  • Online Presence: Strong; extensive documentation and active community forums are available to assist you.
  • Customer Assistance: Known for high responsiveness, ensuring that your queries and challenges are addressed in a timely manner.

Here is a brief format you might encounter within Prowly:

  • Navigation Bar: Situated typically at the top or side for easy access to main features.
  • Settings: Readily found to customize and manage your account preferences.
  • Help Centre: A dedicated area where you can seek immediate help or guidance.

Prowly’s emphasis on a frictionless user experience, paired with readily available support, indicates that it understands the importance of the balance between well-designed interface and the practicality needed for efficient public relations tasks.

Pros and Cons

When considering Prowly as your PR and media relations tool for 2024, it's important you weigh its strong points against its potential limitations. Here, you'll find specific advantages and disadvantages based on user reviews and product features as they relate to Prowly's affordability, performance, and range of features.


  • Affordability: Prowly stands out for being cost-effective. You'll find that it often beats the pricing of competitors such as Meltwater and Cision, making it a good choice if the budget is a concern for your PR activities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Prowly is recognized for its easy-to-use interface. This can help you save time onboarding and streamline your campaigns efficiently.
  • Customer Service: The tool has garnered positive feedback for its customer support. Whether you're a new user or have been with them for a while, you can expect solid assistance.


  • Learning Curve: Despite user friendliness, there can be a learning curve. Maximizing all of Prowly's features may require dedicated time for training.
  • Database Size: While Prowly provides a substantial database, it's still not as extensive as some of its longer-established competitors. This might impact the reach of your PR efforts.
  • Potential Bugs: With any software, you may encounter bugs that could affect your use of metrics and analysis features. Reviews suggest that while generally reliable, Prowly is not immune to occasional glitches.
  • Email Integration: Though bulk emails can be sent through the platform, responses revert to your personal email, which might make managing communications less efficient than preferred.
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Plans and Pricing

When you're considering Prowly for your PR and marketing needs, understanding their various pricing tiers will ensure you select a plan that aligns with your budget and requirements. In 2024, Prowly offers several editions/ plans, tailored to suit different needs and scales of operation.

Here's a breakdown of Prowly's pricing structure:

Edition Price per month Free Trial Available?
Basic Starting at $258 Yes
Standard ---- Yes
Advanced ---- Yes
Premium Up to $589 Yes

Prowly's plans accommodate a range of budgets, ensuring the service is accessible whether you're part of a small firm or a larger corporation. Each tier offers a free trial, so you can test the service before you commit financially.

The Basic plan starts at $258 per month, potentially providing a more affordable entry point for smaller teams or those new to Prowly's services. However, to access the full spectrum of Prowly's features, you may need to consider higher-priced plans, which offer expanded capabilities suitable for comprehensive PR campaigns and larger scale media outreach. The service's Premium plan, which caps at $589 per month, includes more advanced tools and features.

Your choice should reflect your products' or services' publicity needs, your team size, and the complexity of your media relations activities. Before deciding, capitalize on the free trial to assess the value for your particular situation.

Customer Support Experience

When evaluating Prowly in 2024, you’ll find the customer support experience crucial to leveraging the platform's PR capabilities fully. Customer service is a pillar of Prowly, featuring a responsive and well-informed support team available to assist with your needs.

Support options include:

  • Email: Reach out with detailed inquiries and expect a thorough response.
  • Live Chat: For real-time assistance during business hours.
  • Phone Support: Direct contact for immediate resolutions of urgent issues.

For continuous monitoring, Prowly incorporates an internal tool that helps in tracking support ticket statuses and response times, ensuring you are not left unattended. This tool is akin to how Semrush operates its monitoring system, focusing on transparency and efficiency.

Here's a breakdown of the support features:

Feature Description
Availability Customer support is accessible during standard business hours.
Multichannel Email, live chat, and phone support offer multiple communication channels.
Monitoring Tool Internal system to oversee support interactions and maintain quality.

Remember, your experience with Prowly's customer support may vary based on the complexity of your issue and the time of your request. However, the team’s dedication to providing clear and concise assistance remains consistent.

Security Features

When selecting a PR platform like Prowly for your business, understanding its security features is crucial. Your data privacy is paramount, and Prowly acknowledges this with a set of robust security measures designed to protect your sensitive information.

  • Data Encryption: Your communications and contact databases are encrypted, ensuring that your interactions and media relationships remain confidential and secure from unauthorized access.
  • Access Controls: Prowly allows you to set permissions and roles for team members, giving you control over who can view or edit specific data within the platform.

In terms of workflow automation, Prowly provides:

  • Automated Reports: These help you maintain oversight on who has accessed your data, thereby safeguarding information integrity.
  • Systematic Data Backups: Frequent backups ensure that your data is not lost in case of any unforeseen events, contributing to the overall data protection strategy.

Remember, robust security features in a PR tool don't just protect against external threats, but they also establish trust between you, the platform, and your media contacts, ensuring that your PR operations run smoothly and securely.

Prowly Review: The Bottom Line

When evaluating Prowly in 2024, you'll find it as a comprehensive tool tailored to enhance your press office capabilities. With robust features for publishing, distribution, and monitoring, Prowly aims to streamline your public relations processes.

Feature Overview:

  • Publishing: Create and manage press releases with ease.
  • Distribution: Reach a wide network of contacts and outlets.
  • Monitoring: Keep track of your brand's media coverage.

Reviews indicate users appreciate Prowly for its user-friendly interface and efficient customer service. Although some experience a learning curve, the general consensus is one of satisfaction with the platform's performance in press release management and media monitoring.

Pricing: Prowly offers a variety of pricing tiers to accommodate different needs and budgets, starting from approximately $369 per month. While not the cheapest on the market, the investment matches the value, especially when compared to alternatives like Meltwater or Cision.

Regarding alternatives, reasons for preferring Prowly often hinge on cost-effectiveness and superior support. However, if your focus is on social media marketing, you might want to explore additional tools as Prowly specializes more in PR and press related features.

In your decision-making, weigh Prowly's comprehensive features against its cost and compare to other tools like Meltwater, to ensure that it aligns with your specific PR requirements and budget. Effectiveness in media relations is critical, and Prowly presents itself as a capable option to consider for your PR toolset in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're considering Prowly for your public relations needs, you'll want to stay informed about its newest features, understand its pricing compared to competitors, and know what alternatives exist. This section addresses these pivotal points.

What new features does Prowly offer in its 2024 update?

Prowly has enhanced its platform with additional analytics capabilities and more intuitive media contact management to streamline your PR workflow.

How does Prowly's pricing structure compare to its competitors?

Prowly offers competitive pricing with a focus on affordability and scalability, aiming to provide value for a wide range of business sizes.

What are some notable alternatives to Prowly for PR management?

Notable alternatives include Meltwater, Cision, and other platforms that offer similar media relations and analytics tools.

What are the pros and cons of using Prowly versus Meltwater for media outreach?

Prowly is often praised for superior customer service and affordability, whereas Meltwater might offer broader data analytics features.

How does Prowly differentiate itself from Cision in terms of service delivery?

Prowly differentiates itself from Cision through a more user-friendly interface and personalized customer support experiences.

Can you describe the user experience with Prowly's platform for media communications?

Users report that Prowly's interface is designed for ease of use, though it might require some time investment in training to utilize its full potential.

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