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Danielle Cohn & Amanda Lee Campaign


Danielle Cohn & Amanda Lee Campaign

Join our Danielle Cohn & Amanda Lee campaign and increase your following by 10-15k with our 2 celebrity campaign.





Est. growth


Launch date

19 Feb, 24

was $1,495

Cardi B Campaign


Cardi B Campaign

Join our Cardi B (@IamCardiB) campaign and increase your following by 60-80k with the world famous American rapper and songwriter.





Est. growth


Launch date

22 Feb, 24

was $11,995

Alexa Dellanos Campaign


Alexa Dellanos Campaign

Join our Alexa Dellanos campaign and increase your following by 10-15k with the actress, model & YouTuber.





Est. growth


Launch date

15 Apr, 24

was $1,595


What we do

We create Instagram giveaway campaigns with the world’s most well-known celebrities to grow your Instagram.

Looking to grow your brand or business organically on Instagram? That’s exactly what Celebrity Link does for our clients each month. We specialize in hosting celebrity giveaways intended to help your business and brand tap into an audience and leverage millions of celebrities followers you may not otherwise reach or have access to.

Partaking in our campaigns will increase traffic to your platform, create brand awareness, and most importantly expand your social media audience while converting engagement to revenue!

Work with Instagram growth experts

With the help of our A-List celebrities and their millions of followers and working with our transparent and proactive team, we have had amazing success in growing our sponsors social media platforms practically overnight. A larger number of followers can help increase the visibility of your brand or personal account. This can lead to more engagement and potentially even opportunities for sponsored content, partnerships and sales.

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Prizes available

Here are what people can win entering our campaigns.

Louis Vuitton bags

Louis Vuitton bags

PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5





Vr Headsets

Vr Headsets



Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X

Gucci Handbags

Gucci Handbags

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    Celebrity loop FAQs

    Got questions about our loop campaigns? Find answers in our FAQ section, where we address your queries about our services, approach, and expertise.

    What is a Celebrity Instagram Growth Campaign and how does it work?

    A Celebrity Instagram Growth Campaign is a strategic approach to boost your Instagram presence through the influence of celebrities. As one of the leading companies in this space, Celebrity Link has successfully executed over 50 campaigns, garnering nearly half a million loyal followers for our clients. The process involves collaborating with renowned celebrities who align with your brand’s values and target audience. These celebrities then promote your brand on their Instagram, leveraging their substantial follower base for your benefit. This method not only increases your follower count but also enhances brand visibility and credibility. Our proven track record in these campaigns ensures that we deliver significant, authentic growth for your Instagram presence.

    How do loop giveaways on Instagram help in growing my followers?

    Loop giveaways on Instagram are an effective strategy for increasing your follower count. In these giveaways, participants are required to follow a sequence of accounts, including yours, to be eligible for a prize. This loop often involves influencers or celebrities, which attracts a large audience. As participants follow each account in the sequence, your account gains exposure to a broader audience, leading to an increase in followers. This method not only boosts your follower numbers but also enhances your brand’s visibility and engagement on the platform. Loop giveaways are a popular and efficient way to quickly grow your Instagram following with interested and engaged users.

    Can you target specific demographics with Celebrity Instagram Campaigns?

    Yes, Celebrity Instagram Campaigns can target specific demographics, though our primary focus at Celebrity Link is on working with USA celebrities who have a crossover following to Canada, Australia, and EU countries. These celebrities typically have diverse follower bases, allowing us to strategically reach audiences across these regions. By selecting the right celebrities whose followers align with your target demographic, we can effectively direct your campaign to the desired audience. This approach ensures that your brand is not only reaching a wide audience but also engaging with users who are most likely to resonate with your brand, be it in the USA or in other English-speaking markets.

    What kind of celebrities does Celebrity Link work with for Instagram campaigns?

    At Celebrity Link, we specialize in collaborating with some of the most well-known celebrities in the world for our Instagram campaigns. These celebrities typically have tens of millions of followers, making them highly influential figures on the platform. Our expertise lies in working with these larger celebrities rather than smaller influencers. This approach allows us to leverage their massive reach and popularity to maximize the impact of your campaign. By partnering with such high-profile individuals, we ensure that your brand gains substantial visibility and engagement, reaching a vast audience that smaller influencers might not be able to provide. This focus on larger celebrities sets us apart and underlines our commitment to delivering exceptional results in our Instagram growth campaigns.

    How quickly can I expect to see growth in my Instagram following?

    You can expect to see growth in your Instagram following almost immediately once our campaign starts. Our campaigns typically last between 3-5 days, and during this period, you’ll notice a significant and swift increase in your follower count. The instant results are a hallmark of the effectiveness of our strategies, particularly when leveraging the influence of high-profile celebrities with massive followings. This rapid growth is a direct outcome of the extensive reach and engagement these celebrities bring to your brand. Thus, with Celebrity Link’s carefully crafted Instagram campaigns, you don’t have to wait long to witness the tangible impact on your social media presence.

    Are the followers gained through celebrity giveaways genuine and active?

    Yes, the followers gained through celebrity giveaways on Instagram are genuine and active. At Celebrity Link, we emphasize the importance of authentic engagement, which is why we collaborate with celebrities who have a real and active follower base. These followers are individuals genuinely interested in the content and brands these celebrities endorse. When they follow your account as part of the giveaway, they do so with genuine interest, increasing the likelihood of continued engagement and interaction with your brand. This approach ensures that the growth in your follower count is not just a number increase but a boost in real, engaged audience members.

    How does Celebrity Link ensure compliance with Instagram's policies in giveaways?

    Celebrity Link strictly adheres to Instagram’s policies and guidelines to ensure compliance in all our giveaway campaigns. We stay constantly updated with the platform’s rules and regulations, including those specific to promotions and giveaways. Our team meticulously plans each campaign to align with these guidelines, ensuring that all aspects, from the giveaway entry requirements to the terms and conditions, are transparent and in accordance with Instagram’s standards.

    Additionally, we ensure that the content and conduct of the giveaways are ethical and responsible, avoiding any practices that could be misleading or violate user trust. By prioritizing compliance, we not only protect your brand’s reputation but also ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience for both the client and the participants in the giveaway.

    What metrics are used to measure the success of an Instagram campaign?

    To measure the success of an Instagram campaign, we use various metrics that collectively provide a comprehensive view of the campaign’s impact. Follower growth is a primary indicator, showing the reach and appeal of the campaign. Engagement rate, encompassing likes, comments, and shares, reflects user interaction with your content. Reach and impressions give insights into the extent of the campaign’s visibility. For campaigns with specific calls to action, such as website visits or purchases, the conversion rate is crucial. Additionally, the frequency of brand mentions and the performance of campaign-specific hashtags are important for gauging brand awareness. The audience growth rate is also monitored to assess the sustained interest in your brand over time. These metrics together allow us to effectively evaluate the campaign’s performance and its influence on your brand’s social media presence.

    How does Celebrity Link handle the logistics of a loop giveaway on Instagram?

    Handling the logistics of a loop giveaway on Instagram is a meticulous process that Celebrity Link manages with expertise. Initially, we strategize the structure of the giveaway, determining the sequence of accounts and the entry requirements. We then collaborate with selected celebrities and influencers, aligning them with the campaign’s goals and ensuring their follower base matches the target audience.

    The next step involves coordinating the content, ensuring that it is engaging and adheres to Instagram’s guidelines. We carefully schedule the posts to maximize visibility and engagement. Throughout the giveaway, our team monitors the progress, tracking participation and engagement metrics to gauge its effectiveness.

    Finally, we manage the conclusion of the giveaway, including winner selection and announcement, ensuring transparency and compliance with all regulations. Our thorough management of these aspects ensures a smooth, successful loop giveaway experience.

    How do Celebrity Instagram campaigns differ from traditional advertising on Instagram?

    Celebrity Instagram campaigns differ significantly from traditional advertising on the platform in several ways. Firstly, these campaigns leverage the personal influence and follower base of celebrities, offering a more organic and engaging form of promotion compared to standard ads. Celebrities bring a sense of authenticity and trust to your brand, as their endorsements are perceived as personal recommendations to their followers.

    Secondly, the reach and impact of celebrity campaigns are often broader and more profound. The followers of these celebrities are usually highly engaged, leading to better engagement rates for your brand.

    Lastly, celebrity campaigns often create a buzz and a sense of exclusivity around your brand, something traditional advertising may struggle to achieve. This type of promotion taps into the celebrity’s lifestyle and image, associating your brand with these desirable qualities, which can be more impactful than conventional advertising methods.

    What is the typical duration of a Celebrity Instagram growth campaign?

    The typical duration of a Celebrity Instagram growth campaign managed by Celebrity Link is relatively short, usually spanning 3-5 days. This concise timeframe is strategically designed to maximize impact and engagement. Within these few days, a burst of activity driven by celebrity endorsements and promotions generates immediate attention and a rapid increase in followers. This approach leverages the power of concentrated exposure, creating a sense of urgency and excitement around the campaign. The short duration also ensures that the content remains fresh and highly engaging, capturing the audience’s interest and yielding significant results in a brief period.

    Can Instagram loop giveaways be customized to fit my brand's image and goals?

    Absolutely, Instagram loop giveaways can be customized to align seamlessly with your brand’s image and goals. At Celebrity Link, we understand the importance of brand consistency and strategic alignment in every campaign. Therefore, we tailor the theme, content, and even the selection of participating celebrities or influencers to resonate with your brand’s identity and objectives.

    Customization extends to defining the target audience, crafting the messaging, and choosing prizes that reflect your brand’s values and appeal to your desired demographic. This bespoke approach ensures that the giveaway not only attracts a large number of participants but also engages the right audience, fostering genuine interest and long-term brand loyalty. Through this tailored strategy, loop giveaways become a powerful tool to enhance your brand’s image and achieve specific marketing goals.

    What kind of content do celebrities typically post in these campaigns?

    In these campaigns, celebrities typically create engaging content that revolves around luxury prizes, carefully chosen to resonate with their audience demographics. This content is often vibrant and captivating, designed to draw attention and stir excitement among their followers. It showcases the prizes in a way that aligns with the celebrity’s personal brand and lifestyle, adding an element of aspiration and exclusivity.

    The posts are crafted to not only highlight the luxury prizes but also to subtly integrate your brand’s messaging and values. This blend of showcasing high-end rewards while maintaining a natural, authentic connection with the audience ensures that the content is both appealing and effective in promoting your brand. By leveraging the celebrity’s influence and aligning it with relevant, luxury-oriented content, these campaigns successfully engage the target audience and drive participation.

    How does Celebrity Link manage and monitor the progress of an Instagram campaign?

    Celebrity Link employs a comprehensive approach to manage and monitor the progress of Instagram campaigns. This process begins with detailed planning, where clear objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs) are established. Once the campaign is live, our team utilizes advanced analytics tools to track these KPIs, which include follower growth, engagement rates, reach, and conversion rates, among others.

    We continuously monitor these metrics in real-time, allowing us to assess the campaign’s effectiveness and make data-driven decisions. This may involve adjusting strategies, refining content, or even pivoting the campaign’s direction to optimize results.

    Regular reports are provided to our clients, offering transparency and insights into the campaign’s performance. These reports highlight successes, areas for improvement, and recommendations for future strategies. This diligent management and monitoring ensure that the campaign not only meets but often exceeds the set objectives, maximizing the return on investment for our clients.

    Are there any industries or niches that benefit more from Celebrity Instagram campaigns?

    Celebrity Instagram campaigns are highly effective for entrepreneurs, fashion, beauty, and e-commerce brands, but their appeal and benefits extend to nearly all industries. These sectors, in particular, thrive on visual appeal and personal endorsement, which align perfectly with the Instagram platform and the influence of celebrities.

    Our campaigns are designed to be versatile and adaptable, allowing a broad range of industries to leverage the power of celebrity endorsements. Additionally, we offer the exclusive opportunity for select clients to feature their products in the giveaways. This option, available at an extra cost, provides an added avenue for brands to directly showcase their products to a large, engaged audience. Such inclusivity and customization in our campaign strategies enable various industries to capitalize on the unique advantages of Celebrity Instagram campaigns, enhancing their reach and impact.

    How do loop giveaways encourage engagement and not just follower growth?

    Loop giveaways on Instagram encourage engagement, not just follower growth, through several key mechanisms. Firstly, the structure of a loop giveaway requires participants to engage with multiple accounts, not just follow them. This often includes liking posts, leaving comments, or tagging friends, which increases the interaction with each involved account.

    Additionally, the excitement and anticipation around winning prizes from celebrities or influencers encourage participants to stay active and engaged with the accounts involved in the giveaway. They are more likely to pay attention to posts, engage in conversations, and share content, boosting overall engagement metrics.

    Moreover, by carefully selecting prizes that resonate with the target audience, we ensure that the participants are genuinely interested in the brands and products featured. This leads to a higher quality of engagement, as participants are more likely to interact with content that aligns with their interests.

    These aspects make loop giveaways a powerful tool not just for expanding follower counts but also for fostering a more active and engaged community around your brand on Instagram.