How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram: 2024 Guide

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Navigate the process of separating your Facebook and Instagram accounts, enhancing your control over your social media presence.


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  1. How to Unlink Instagram and Facebook
    1. From Instagram App
    2. From Facebook Business Settings
  2. What Features You’re Going to Miss
    1. Enhanced Privacy Controls
    2. Reduced Data Sharing
    3. Individual Post-Sharing Options
    4. Customized Audience Selection
    5. Disconnected Notifications
    6. Simplified Login Process
    7. Isolated Profiles
    8. Improved Security
    9. Unlinked Contact Syncing
    10. Separate Advertising Settings
  3. What Happens When I Unlink Facebook From Instagram?
  4. Can I Link Facebook Back to Instagram Later?
  5. Do I Need to Use a Computer to Unlink These Accounts?
  6. Wrapping Up
  7. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. Why might I be experiencing issues when trying to unlink Facebook from my Instagram account?
    2. What is the process for deleting an Instagram account that is linked to a Facebook profile?
    3. Can I link my Instagram to a different Facebook account, and how would I do that?
    4. If I use Facebook Lite, how do I disconnect it from my Instagram?

As social media platforms continue to evolve, managing your digital footprint becomes ever more crucial. Unlinking your Facebook from Instagram, two of the most prominent social networks, is a key step in streamlining your online presence. Whether for reasons of privacy, simplicity, or just to reclaim a bit of digital independence, disconnecting these accounts puts you back in control of where and how your content is shared.

Navigating the process of unlinking your accounts is straightforward. Within the respective apps of Facebook and Instagram, you'll find options under account settings to manage linked profiles. This ensures that any activity or shared content is limited to the platform of your choice. The unlinking function is accessible from the menu within your profile or the settings hub, reaffirming that your social media experience aligns with your personal preferences.

It's important to note that unlinking the accounts does not delete any previously shared content between them. Instead, it prevents any future posts or activities from automatically posting across both platforms. Adjusting these settings allows for a more curated social media experience, where you maintain the autonomy to choose how your personal information is disseminated across your social networks.

How to Unlink Instagram and Facebook

To maintain your privacy or simplify your social media presence, you may decide to unlink your Instagram and Facebook accounts. This process is straightforward and can be accomplished through either the Instagram app or Facebook's business settings, ensuring you regain control over how your content is shared between the platforms.

From Instagram App

To unlink your Facebook account from Instagram on mobile devices such as iPhone, Android smartphones, or any other compatible device, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner to access your profile.
  3. Tap the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner, then select Settings.
  4. Scroll to Settings and privacy.
  5. Tap Accounts Center at the bottom of the menu.
  6. Under Linked accounts, select Facebook.
  7. Choose the option to unlink account or remove.

Through these steps, you can easily stop sharing content between your Instagram and Facebook accounts directly from your mobile device.

From Facebook Business Settings

If you prefer to initiate the unlinking process from your PC, Mac, Chromebook, or using any web browser, you can do so through the Facebook website, particularly if you manage a Facebook Business Page connected to your Instagram. Here's the process:

  1. Visit the Facebook website on your desktop web browser.
  2. Click your profile icon in the top right corner, then select Settings.
  3. In the Settings menu, find Business Integrations or look for Facebook Business Settings if you're managing a business account.
  4. Locate Instagram in the list of linked apps and websites.
  5. Click to highlight Instagram, then select the option to unlink account or remove.

By following these steps on your desktop, you can separate your Instagram business profile from your Facebook account with precision and ease.

What Features You’re Going to Miss

When you unlink your Facebook from Instagram, you're going to notice changes to your social media experience. These adjustments involve the loss of certain interconnected features that could streamline your online activities.

Enhanced Privacy Controls

By keeping your accounts linked, you maintain enhanced privacy controls. Having one hub to manage settings for both platforms can be more efficient, allowing you to ensure consistent privacy levels across both of your social profiles.

Reduced Data Sharing

Reduced data sharing is a feature that operates automatically between linked accounts. If you choose to separate your accounts, information such as likes, interests, and activities will no longer be shared jointly, possibly affecting content recommendations on both platforms.

Individual Post-Sharing Options

Linking Facebook and Instagram gives you the convenience of sharing content across both platforms with a single action. Unlinking removes the individual post-sharing options, compelling you to share your content separately on each account if you desire the same audience reach.

Customized Audience Selection

Your linked accounts remember your customized audience selection preferences for shared posts. Once accounts are separate, you'll have to re-establish these preferences individually on Facebook and Instagram, which can increase the time you spend managing your posts.

Disconnected Notifications

Expect disconnected notifications when accounts are unlinked. You'll receive separate alerts for each platform instead of integrated notifications, potentially doubling the number you need to attend to.

Simplified Login Process

A linked Facebook and Instagram account offers a simplified login process with shared credentials, helping you access both with ease. Unlinking them means managing separate logins and potentially more password recovery processes.

Isolated Profiles

Unlinking translates to isolated profiles; your presence on each platform becomes distinct with no cross-platform identity connection, which may affect how your followers perceive your brand if you use these platforms for professional purposes.

Improved Security

However, having linked accounts can lead to improved security measures, as updates to security settings on one platform can be applied to the other. Separate accounts will require you to manually align security settings on both.

Unlinked Contact Syncing

You'll lose out on unlinked contact syncing after separation, which automatically populates friend or follower suggestions based on your activities across both platforms, potentially slowing down the growth of your network.

Separate Advertising Settings

Finally, with linked accounts, you enjoy separate advertising settings that are managed in a unified manner. Unlinking will necessitate individual ad preference setups, leading to a more fragmented advertising experience.

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What Happens When I Unlink Facebook From Instagram?

When you decide to unlink your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you are electing to treat them as separate entities. This process impacts how content is shared and managed between the two platforms.

Profile and Posts:

  • Your Instagram posts, including past content, will no longer automatically post to your Facebook page.
  • Profile information will not be shared between accounts, allowing for distinct identities on each platform.

Content and Sharing:

  • Any future content created on Instagram will remain on Instagram unless you manually share it to Facebook.
  • The convenience of cross-posting is disabled, giving you greater control over where your content is displayed.

Privacy and Connection:

  • Unlinking accounts reduces the flow of personal data between the services, potentially enhancing your privacy.
  • Facebook friends will not be suggested as Instagram followers and vice versa.

Considerations After Unlinking:

  • If you want to share content across both platforms, you'll need to do it manually.
  • Unlinking does not delete or affect existing content where it has already been shared.

By unlinking Facebook and Instagram, you assert your preference for a tailored presence on each platform. Each account will operate independently from the other, providing a clear distinction between your Facebook and Instagram activities.

Can I Link Facebook Back to Instagram Later?

If you decide to separate your Facebook and Instagram accounts, you have the flexibility to relink them at any time. The process to resync your accounts is straightforward:

  • Firstly, open your Instagram app and navigate to your profile.
  • At the top right, tap the icon with three horizontal lines and select Settings from the resulting menu.
  • Scroll to find and access Accounts Center under Settings.
  • Here, you can add your Facebook account back by selecting 'Set up Accounts Center' and following the prompts to link your Facebook profile.

When relinking, you are reinstalling the connection which allows for shared features between the platforms. This includes cross-posting content and finding Facebook friends on Instagram.


  • You must have access to both accounts.
  • The credentials used must be current for each platform to ensure successful linking.

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Tap your profile icon.
  3. Tap the menu (three lines) > Settings.
  4. Go to Accounts Center.
  5. Follow the steps to link your Facebook profile.

Re-establishing the link will enable the same level of integration you experienced before unlinking your accounts. Through this action, activities such as sharing stories and posts across both platforms become seamless once again.

Do I Need to Use a Computer to Unlink These Accounts?

Unlinking your Facebook account from Instagram does not require you to use a traditional computer such as a PC, Mac, or Chromebook. The process can be completed just as effectively using the mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

On Desktop:

  • Navigate to Facebook's website using your web browser.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow in the top right corner to access the menu.
  • Select Settings and look for the section related to your connected accounts.

On Mobile App:

  • Open the Instagram app on your device.
  • Tap on the profile icon, then the menu (three lines).
  • Access Settings and go to the accounts section.

Both the Facebook website and the Instagram app provide a user interface that leads you to the unlink option within the settings menu. Whether you should use the desktop interface or the mobile app depends on personal preference and accessibility at the moment you want to perform the unlinking.

Your convenience and comfort with each platform are important factors to consider. The interfaces on mobile and web platforms are designed to be intuitive, so follow the on-screen instructions for a smooth process to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram.

Wrapping Up

If you have followed the steps correctly, your Facebook and Instagram accounts should now be disconnected. Your activities on one platform will no longer automatically reflect on the other. This means you have successfully stopped sharing your Instagram content directly to Facebook.

With these accounts separate, the content you share on Instagram will remain exclusively there unless you choose otherwise. Additionally, you have more control over where and how your content appears across your social accounts.

Why Separate Your Accounts?

  • Control: Keep your social presence distinct and content tailored to each platform's audience.
  • Privacy: Enhanced privacy by managing what's shared between platforms.
  • Algorithm Influence: Minimize the cross-platform algorithm's impact on your content visibility.

Key Settings to Revisit:

  • Review your Instagram privacy settings to ensure your content remains visible to your intended audience.
  • Check Facebook sharing preferences to disable automatic posting or access from linked apps.

Remember that you can always reconnect your Instagram and Facebook accounts in the future through the settings if you decide to re-enable cross-posting features.

By maintaining separate accounts, you ensure that the intended content reaches the right audience on each platform and that you have full discretion over these connections. Keep an eye on the settings from time to time, as platform updates may alter connecting and sharing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you'll find answers to common issues and questions related to managing the connection between your Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Why might I be experiencing issues when trying to unlink Facebook from my Instagram account?

You may encounter issues due to network problems, outdated app versions, or glitches within the apps. Ensure your apps are updated and you have a stable internet connection before attempting the unlink process again.

What is the process for deleting an Instagram account that is linked to a Facebook profile?

To delete your Instagram account that's linked to a Facebook profile, you first need to unlink the two platforms. Then, go to Instagram's 'Delete Your Account' page, log in if not already done, choose a reason for account deletion, re-enter your password, and confirm the deletion.

Can I link my Instagram to a different Facebook account, and how would I do that?

Yes, you can link your Instagram to a different Facebook account. First, unlink your current Facebook account in Instagram's settings. Then, navigate to 'Accounts Center,' select 'Add accounts,' and follow the prompts to link your Instagram to a new Facebook account.

If I use Facebook Lite, how do I disconnect it from my Instagram?

To disconnect Facebook Lite from your Instagram, open the Facebook Lite app, go to settings, find 'Accounts Center,' tap 'Accounts & Profiles,' select your Instagram account, and remove it. This disconnects your Instagram from the Facebook Lite app.

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