Critical Mention Review 2024: Details, Pricing & Features

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Critical Mention is explored for its instant media tracking features, indicating its value in keeping PR efforts timely and relevant.


Reviewed by Chloe Bidle

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  1. What's Critical Mention? Software Overview
    1. Key Features:
    2. Benefits:
  2. Key Features
  3. Search Function
  4. Media Coverage
  5. Reporting Tools
  6. Alerts and Notifications
  7. Integration and APIs
  8. User Interface and Usability
  9. Pros and Cons
  10. Plans and Pricing
  11. Customer Support Experience
  12. Security Features
  13. Critical Mention Review: The Bottom Line
  14. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. What are the new features introduced in Critical Mention in 2024?
    2. How does the Critical Mention platform integrate with Onclusive after their merger?
    3. Can you break down the pricing tiers for Critical Mention services in 2024?
    4. What analytics and reporting capabilities does Critical Mention offer?
    5. How can one request a demo for Critical Mention, and what can be expected from it?
    6. Are there any competitive alternatives to Critical Mention with regards to media monitoring and analysis?

Critical Mention has solidified its position in the media monitoring world by offering a platform that provides real-time tracking of various media outlets. In 2024, this service enables you to stay informed about television, radio, online news, and social media mentions. Whether for public relations management, crisis monitoring, or gauging the effectiveness of your media campaigns, Critical Mention delivers thorough insights into your media visibility.

Your exploration into any software or service is not complete without understanding its features and the value it offers for the investment. Critical Mention's 2024 iteration has been appreciated for its broad set of features that cater to the dynamic needs of media professionals. With functionalities like reporting/analytics, @mentions, an activity dashboard, and alerts/notifications, the platform is designed to streamline your audience targeting and keep you abreast of your media footprint.

Pricing is often a deciding factor, and with Critical Mention, you have to weigh the service's potential against your budget. According to user feedback and reviews, the platform is recognized for its customer service quality and overall value for money. The decision to integrate Critical Mention into your media monitoring toolkit depends on how extensively the platform's capabilities can be leveraged to meet your specific needs. It is essential for you to consider the service's distribution, customer experience, integration and deployment, and product capabilities to make an informed choice.

What's Critical Mention? Software Overview

Critical Mention is a comprehensive media monitoring platform that enables you to track your brand across an array of media outlets. The vendor, Critical Mention itself, positions this product as a versatile solution particularly suitable for professionals in Public Relations, Marketing, and Brand Management.

Key Features:

  • TV & Radio Tracking: You can monitor broadcast channels in real-time, allowing you to respond swiftly to any coverage relevant to your interests.
  • Online News Tracking: Your search for brand mentions extends to the vast digital landscape, with tracking capabilities across numerous online news sources.
  • Social Media Monitoring: Critical Mention's capabilities include keeping tabs on key social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Video: The platform grants access to video clips of your TV mentions, bolstering your ability to analyze and respond to visual content.
  • Reports: Generate reports that provide you with an in-depth view of your media presence and the impact of your brand mentions.


  • Receive real-time alerts and never miss a mention in the media space.
  • Use the platform’s search functionality to comb through TV, radio, and online news, providing you with comprehensive visibility.
  • View and analyze high-resolution video segments for a better understanding of your broadcast presence.
  • Leverage robust social media monitoring tools for deeper insights into your digital footprint.

With Critical Mention, you have the capacity to not only monitor but also analyze a wide spectrum of media, ensuring that you are always informed about how your brand is being perceived across different channels. The platform is designed to be intuitive, catering to a global business audience regardless of sector, be it government, education, or any other.

Key Features

Critical Mention is a comprehensive media monitoring platform designed to enhance your experience in tracking and analyzing your brand's presence across various media outlets. With its advanced search function, you can easily locate specific key phrases, keywords, or mentions within video clips and broadcasts, providing you with thorough coverage of your brand's media appearance.

  • Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts: Instantly receive real-time email alerts when your selected keywords or phrases are mentioned. This ensures you never miss a beat in monitoring your brand's media coverage.

  • Extensive Search Function: The search function is robust, allowing you to filter by a multitude of metadata options, ensuring you find the exact media clips and mentions you need.

  • Analytics & Reporting: Critical Mention excels with its analytics functionalities, offering you the ability to create cross-reference reports and track reporting metrics to gauge your brand’s earned media impact.

  • Integration Services: Simplify your workflow by integrating the platform's services with other software tools, consolidating your media monitoring and analysis in one place.

It is vital to have a system that can offer accurate media reports in a fast-paced environment. Critical Mention’s platform includes numerous reporting tools designed to assist you in creating precise and actionable media reports. Your experience with media analysis is sure to be enhanced with the tools provided by Critical Mention.

Search Function

When utilizing the search function in Critical Mention, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips for monitoring media coverage. This feature allows you to search across multiple forms of media including TV, radio, online news, and social media. You are able to input keywords or phrases to locate specific information, and the system will also tag and categorize relevant metadata for easier access and organization.

Key Aspects of the Search Function:

  • Comprehensive Searches: Your searches can span a broad range of media outlets to ensure thorough monitoring.
  • Keywords: Customize your searches using precise keywords that pertain to your field of interest or coverage.
  • Video Clips: The search function excels in finding specific video clips where your keywords are mentioned.

When you conduct a search, Critical Mention employs word play capabilities, allowing for recognition of similar phrases or variations of your keywords. This means you do not miss out on any relevant mentions due to semantic variations.

Here's a quick reference on utilizing the search function:

Action Description
Input Keywords Begin your search by entering relevant keywords or phrases.
Review Metadata Examine the metadata tagged with each mention for in-depth analysis.
Access Video Clips Locate and view video clips where your keywords have been mentioned.

Your searches assist in tracking brand mentions, assessing your media presence, and understanding your reach in the digital space. The search function is tailored to provide a streamlined experience so you can efficiently monitor and analyze media mentions.

Remember, as you use the search function, to fine-tune your search parameters to ensure the most relevant results. With Critical Mention's robust search feature, you maintain a clear view of your media footprint.

Media Coverage

With Critical Mention as your media monitoring platform, you have the ability to track earned media coverage across multiple channels with precision. The platform's analytics features empower you to quantify your media presence, providing a clear view of how your brand is perceived in the public domain.

Critical Mention excels in offering comprehensive coverage analysis:

  • Coverage Breadth: Scan an extensive array of sources, including TV, radio, online news, and social media.
  • Real-time Alerts: Receive instant notifications when your brand is mentioned.
  • Analysis: Evaluate the impact of your media mentions with sentiment analysis and media valuation tools.
  • Keyword Tracking: Customize keywords and phrases specific to your brand for targeted monitoring.

Critical Mention gives you a multi-layered platform that not only tracks when and where you're mentioned but also analyzes the quality and context of these mentions to improve future strategies. Be assured that with Critical Mention, your media coverage is comprehensively managed and analyzed to inform better decision-making for your PR efforts.

Reporting Tools

In exploring Critical Mention's reporting tools throughout 2024, you will find an array of features designed for comprehensive media analysis. These tools enable you to generate accurate media reports, swiftly and efficiently.

  • Report Creation: You can create custom reports that cater to your individual or organizational needs. Whether you're tracking a PR campaign or gauging brand sentiment, Critical Mention allows you to pull relevant data into a cohesive report.
  • Cross-reference Reports: Utilize the cross-reference feature to compare different datasets. This is invaluable when you wish to identify trends or discrepancies across various media channels.
  • Real-time Analytics: Reports include real-time analytics, ensuring that you're working with the most up-to-date information. This helps in making informed decisions promptly.
  • Reporting Metrics: You’ll have access to a broad set of reporting metrics, from mention volume to sentiment analysis. These metrics are crucial in evaluating the impact of your media presence.
Metric Description
Mention Volume Measures the frequency of media mentions.
Reach Estimates the size of the audience exposed to media.
Sentiment Analysis Assesses the tone of the media coverage.
Engagement Tracks interactions such as likes and shares.

Critical Mention's reporting tools are tailored to support your media monitoring efforts, offering a structured way to analyze and present your findings. The intuitive interface combined with powerful analytics helps you maintain the edge in media intelligence. Remember to explore the customization options to align the reporting tools with your strategic objectives.

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Alerts and Notifications

When using Critical Mention, real-time alerts are part of its core functionalities. You receive immediate notifications about media mentions that are crucial for your brand or organization. This feature ensures that you stay abreast of what's being said about your company across various media outlets.

Email Alerts:

  • Real-Time Updates: As soon as your keywords are mentioned, you receive real-time email alerts. This allows for a timely response to any press or social mentions.
  • Customization: You can tailor alerts based on specific keywords, which means you only receive notifications that are relevant to your interests.
  • Frequency: Choose how often you receive these notifications - as they happen, daily, or at a frequency that suits your workflow.

To configure your alerts:

  1. Go to your Alerts Settings.
  2. Select Add New Alert and define your keywords.
  3. Specify the types of media you want to monitor.
  4. Set the frequency of your alerts.

Keep in mind that active monitoring can help you manage your brand's reputation by enabling quick reactions to both positive and negative press. With Critical Mention's alert and notification system, you’re equipped to stay informed and react promptly to any media mention.

Integration and APIs

In the 2024 version of Critical Mention, your integration experience is robust, offering connectivity with a range of external services and applications. This platform streamlines media monitoring by enabling smooth integration with various APIs, heightening its operational efficiency.

You can expect:

  • Integration Services: An array of services aimed at enhancing your media monitoring capabilities. The platform provides Integration & Deployment scoring a solid 3 out of 5, suggesting a good level of adaptability to your existing tech stack.

  • API Connectivity: Critical Mention’s API connections facilitate your access to media mentions across different channels in real-time, enriching backend processes and data analysis workflows without noticeable complexity.

For your convenience, here's a quick look at Critical Mention's Integration services:

Feature Description
Integration Score 3.0/5.0 – Integrated services capable of matching various user needs.
API Access Provision for seamless API integrations to connect with your applications.
Real-time Updates Media mentions are updated in real-time, keeping you informed instantly.

Remember, with efficient APIs and integration services, your media monitoring endeavors become more streamlined and less time-consuming, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making. The updated features for 2024 aim to maintain this balance, ensuring that you work with confidence and clarity.

User Interface and Usability

When examining Critical Mention's user interface (UI), you will find that it generally provides a clear and straightforward user experience. The platform's layout is designed with usability in mind, ensuring that you can navigate through different sections with ease. The UI is clean, avoiding unnecessary clutter that could otherwise hinder your workflow.

The usability of the application is a strong point, as the design elements and features are logically placed, which means you spend less time learning the system and more time utilizing it effectively. Here's a breakdown of the UI elements:

  • Navigation: Intuitive menus and a prominent search bar.
  • Dashboards: Customizable to display the most relevant data.

The platform supports a variety of users, from beginners to advanced, with different levels of technical expertise. Below are the usability features that stand out:

  • Simplicity: Emphasis on a user-friendly environment.
  • Clarity: Visual cues and icons are clear and well-documented.
Feature Description
Quick Access Toolbar Allows for one-click access to most-used features.
Real-time Updates Dashboards and data feeds update instantly, presenting the latest information.

In terms of user experience, Critical Mention ensures that you have access to support materials and tooltips that make the learning curve more manageable.

While no software is without its complexities, Critical Mention's UI and usability aspects appear to aim at fostering a positive and efficient user experience, allowing you to focus on monitoring media and managing crises without unnecessary distraction.

Pros and Cons

When evaluating Critical Mention as a media monitoring service in 2024, it's important to weigh its advantages and disadvantages to make an informed decision.


  • Varied Use Cases: Your public relations and crisis management tasks can benefit from the platform's versatility.
  • Quick Implementation: The setup process is designed to be straightforward, allowing for a speedier adoption.
  • Vendor Support: Based in New York, Critical Mention has a well-established support presence.


  • User Experience: You may find the platform to be time-consuming and cumbersome in some instances.
  • Ongoing Updates: As the service evolves, further updates could improve the software's efficiency and user interface.

In choosing Critical Mention, you're opting for a service that offers a broad spectrum of PR functions; however, like any service, it has areas that could be refined. When considering alternatives, remember to consider how the vendor's offerings match up with your specific PR and crisis management needs.

Plans and Pricing

Critical Mention offers a subscription-based pricing model to cater to your media monitoring needs. The service includes tracking for TV, radio, online news, podcasts, print sources, and various social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. The diversity of sources monitored ensures that you can track your brand's presence across a wide range of media.

While specific dollar values for each plan are not provided directly, you can expect the pricing structure to reflect the comprehensive suite of features it includes. The cost typically varies depending on the scale of the services and tools required for your organization. To get a precise quote tailored to your business needs, you may contact Critical Mention directly.

The platform is designed to serve a diverse audience, including Public Relations, Marketing, Brand Managers, Government sectors, and Education institutions among others. The service aims to deliver accurate media reports and provides the functionality to assign a dollar value to media mentions which can help you assess your return on investment.

Below is a summarized detail of what you can expect regarding the pricing and service terms:

  • Pricing Model: Subscription-based
  • Free Trial: Not explicitly mentioned, so it's recommended to inquire with Critical Mention for any trial availability.
  • Service Coverage: TV, radio, online news, podcasts, print, and social media.
  • Target Audience: Varied, including PR, Marketing, and Government.

For an accurate assessment of the service costs and to discuss potential free trial options, your best course of action is to connect with Critical Mention's sales or customer service team.

Customer Support Experience

When you interact with Critical Mention's customer support, you're likely to find their team proactive and responsive. Your experience is a priority for them, and they focus on promptly addressing issues you may encounter with the service. Critical Mention’s commitment shines through their support team, ready to ensure that any oversights in media mention captures are anomalies, rather than the norm.


  • Business hours: Access support during standard business hours for real-time assistance.
  • Online resources: Utilize a variety of online help options at any time.

Experience Quality:

  • Responsiveness: Expect swift replies to resolve your queries.
  • Expertise: Their proficiency enables them to offer relevant and effective solutions.

Utilizing Customer Support:

  • Contact Channels: You have access to a range of channels, from direct calls to email support.
  • User Interface: Navigate their platform with ease, ensuring you can bring up your concerns without hassle.

When you're exploring the features of Critical Mention, such as the streaming monitoring tool or the newsletter feature, know that the customer service team is at your disposal to assist with any difficulties. If you need to make the most out of customizing your search terms or wish to understand the intricacies of using the crop tool, their customer support has a reputation for being exceptional in guiding you through the process.

In sum, your customer support experience with Critical Mention is designed to be straightforward and accommodating, reflecting their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Security Features

When evaluating the security aspects of Critical Mention, a cloud-based media monitoring platform, it's vital to focus on the measures they provide to protect your data. As a service handling extensive media information, including TV, radio, and online news, maintaining robust security protocols is essential.

Data Encryption: Your communications and stored data are secured through encryption both in transit and at rest. This means that sensitive information is protected using industry-standard encryption methodologies.

Access Controls: You have the ability to set user permissions, ensuring that team members can only access information relevant to their roles. The platform employs multi-factor authentication (MFA) mechanisms to further safeguard against unauthorized access.

  • Network Security: Critical Mention employs advanced network security measures, including firewalls and intrusion detection systems that monitor and block potential threats.
Aspect Description
User Authentication Emphasizes the use of strong, unique credentials and MFA options.
Data Integrity Processes are in place to ensure that the data remains unaltered during transfer and storage.
Regular Updates The platform undergoes regular software updates to address vulnerabilities and enhance overall security features.

Privacy Compliance: The platform aligns with prevailing privacy laws and regulations, ensuring that your service experience meets the necessary legal standards.

Remember to review their security policy for specific details on how Critical Mention is protecting the platform and your digital assets. If data security is a major concern, these features should offer a level of reassurance as you use the service for your media monitoring needs.

Critical Mention Review: The Bottom Line

When evaluating Critical Mention for your public relations and crisis management needs, you'll find this platform frequently recognized for its comprehensive media monitoring capabilities. Users rate it positively, with many benefiting from its extensive use cases.

Ratings Breakdown:

  • Overall Satisfaction: 4/5
  • Customer Experience: 4/5
  • Integration & Deployment: 3/5
  • Product Capabilities: 3/5
  • Service & Support: 5/5

Your decision to choose Critical Mention should consider the balance of features versus cost. It is a viable solution for PR professionals who require real-time media alerting and want to track their brand's online presence.

Features You Can Expect:

  • Real-Time Media Alerts: Stay informed about brand mentions.
  • Analytics: Measure the impact of your media presence.
  • Media Contacts Database: Ease of reaching out to journalists.

The pricing information, while not explicitly detailed, suggests the platform can be tailored to varying budget constraints, affording flexibility without compromising on essential functions.

In summary, Critical Mention appears to be tailored for efficiency and effectiveness in media monitoring tasks. Given its ratings and the variety of features offered, it stands as a competitive option in the market. Your choice to use Critical Mention should align with your PR goals, available resources, and the strategic importance of media monitoring for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you'll find concise answers to common questions about Critical Mention's 2024 updates, integration with Onclusive, pricing structures, and more.

What are the new features introduced in Critical Mention in 2024?

Critical Mention in 2024 has introduced a suite of new features including more comprehensive media monitoring across different platforms and enhanced analytics for more in-depth reporting on media presence and outreach effectiveness.

How does the Critical Mention platform integrate with Onclusive after their merger?

Post-merger, Critical Mention and Onclusive have combined their technologies to offer an integrated platform. This streamlines workflows for public relations and crisis management, bringing together media monitoring and analytics into a cohesive suite.

Can you break down the pricing tiers for Critical Mention services in 2024?

In 2024, Critical Mention offers several pricing tiers tailored to different user needs. Base plans typically cover essential media monitoring tools, with more advanced plans including comprehensive analytics, broader media coverage, and additional user accounts.

What analytics and reporting capabilities does Critical Mention offer?

Critical Mention provides robust analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to track brand presence across media channels in real time, with customizable reports to align with client or agency needs.

How can one request a demo for Critical Mention, and what can be expected from it?

You can request a demo for Critical Mention through their website. The demo typically showcases real-time media monitoring features, reporting, analytics, and the platform's overall usability.

Are there any competitive alternatives to Critical Mention with regards to media monitoring and analysis?

Several alternatives to Critical Mention offer media monitoring and analysis, including platforms like Meltwater, Brandwatch, and Cision. Each comes with its own set of features, pricing, and focus areas, making them viable competitors in the market.

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